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Primary Tuition

Primary English


We can support a child's English development in a variety of areas, including spelling, grammar, reading, comprehension and writing. Every child is planned for individually, meaning that we can target the specific areas that they need support with. This is informed by our free initial assessments which are used to plan each child's lessons and monitor their progression. Our Primary English Tuition is linked to National Curriculum objectives to ensure that we support what is going on in your child's school and provide stability and consistency in their learning as well as in reporting progress back to you. We don't use confusing, made-up levels different to those you will be familiar with from school.

We tend to recommend an hour of tuition for our English sessions, though those who are younger or have specific learning needs may benefit more from a shorter half hour session. Each session is broken into short tasks to help build skills and confidence gradually before embedding them in a wider English context. Due to the very small numbers of children that our teachers work with, teaching and learning can develop and change according to a child's needs and feedback during the session. This spontaneity is something all teachers would love when teaching a class of children but the reality is that it's simply not possible. This is a large part of the reason our teachers love working here. 

We use a variety of resources when teaching English and are incredibly committed to finding ways to inspire and engage children with every subject we teach. Again, our student to teacher ratio means that we can use a child's interests and passions as the basis of their lessons; we don't need to worry about the other thirty children in the class and the fact that they might not engage with a particular character, book or activity. We are constantly buying in new hands-on resources to provide opportunities to access English which are different but supportive to what is happening in school.

We only use fully qualified primary school teachers to work with primary aged children so you can be assured that your child will be supported by a professional teacher with experience of the National Curriculum and a range of educational needs.


Primary Maths


Maths is the most frequent subject area we are contacted about, with a lot of parents finding it difficult to support their child's development at home. It's a wonderful subject to teach in a tuition context because feedback is instant and individual skills can be taught and learnt quickly. Our Maths tuition uses an incredibly thorough initial assessment to create an individual plan of learning for each child we see. When assessing a child we look at mental and written skills as well as the ability to use those skills in problem solving situations. We don't just look at whether an answer is right or wrong, we focus more on the method to achieve that answer. This gives us far more information about a child's ability and where they may need the most support. We can then focus our support on those areas, gradually helping a child to develop their confidence in applying these skills in solving a variety of problems. 


Our Maths sessions are divided into short and manageable tasks to help break down the skills being taught whilst maintaining a child's focus and interest. Each lesson will provide the opportunity for continuous work on crucial core skills and will have a key focus based on the individual areas of development for each child. We can go back to areas of the curriculum that they may have moved on from at school but will always ensure this is done in a sensitive way so that a child is not embarrassed about the level of work they are doing. This will help to fill in key knowledge gaps before moving on and using that skill at a higher level. Everything is stepped and scaffolded in this way, ensuring a child's confidence is built and their mental and written skills are strengthened before expecting them to achieve more challenging Maths independently.


We have a fantastic range of Maths resources which help to keep our sessions interesting and challenging for children. We use a range of methods to support their learning, including traditional classroom techniques, computer apps, interactive games, competitions and, of course, regular homework. We are always adding to our resources and are incredibly well equipped to help support even the most switched off of Maths phobics.

As with our English sessions, we would recommend a one hour session for most of the children we meet as this enables a good length of time to work on frequently used core skills, teach a main skill and enable a child enough time to practise it. This said, younger children or those with specific learning needs may benefit more from a half hour session.

If you would like to get in touch to find out more and book a free initial assessment, then please press the button below or contact us on the email or telephone number at the bottom of this page.

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