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Tuition at Skills School

What do you provide?

There are many reasons for parents and children seeking tuition, from extra support in a specific subject, to extending understanding and preparing for exams. At Skills School, we'll take time to understand those reasons and create an individual plan to help a child achieve their goals. We can provide support in the areas of English and Maths from the beginning of Year Two to the end of Year Eleven. We have years of experience and great results in preparing children to sit the Gloucestershire 11+ Exam and can support with 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Exams. We are fully committed to improving your child's confidence, knowledge and understanding in whatever subject they choose to study with us.

What will my child be doing?

We use a mixture of traditional teaching methods, National Curriculum objectives and inspiring resources to create lessons suited to each individual. There's no magic formula which works for every child so we work hard to find what's right for your child. We're all qualified teachers and have a passion for making learning fun and engaging. Each lesson is generally split into short, manageable tasks which look to teach and reinforce core skills, develop confidence and embed new skills in larger tasks. We love the freedom that working in a setting like this provides; it really allows us to focus on every child.

Where does tuition take place?

We're located at 21 West Way in Cirencester. We only teach at our dedicated tuition centre which has been designed to be welcoming, bright and modern. The centre is equipped with everything you'd expect to find in a school, including a wide array of fantastic games, books, computers and resources. We continually add new equipment and resources to keep our teaching engaging and inspirational.

How will tuition help with school work?

At Skills School, we use National Curriculum objectives in planning, target setting and assessment to ensure there is consistency between what your child learns at school and in tuition sessions. This enables us to target the specific areas your child needs extra support in by building confidence and understanding to help them achieve. Where requested, we are happy to collaborate with your child's school to ensure consistency in the support provided. Key Stage 3 and GCSE students may wish to work on specific coursework that they are finding challenging at school and this is something we are more than happy to help with. We can also provide support in preparing for mock exams and end of year exams.

How many children do you work with?

We see over 100 children each week but you'll be pleased to know that we don't teach them all at once! Skills School's tuition sessions are provided in small groups of between two and four students, giving each student the opportunity to receive a much greater amount of one-to-one contact than they receive at school, but also providing the opportunity to develop independence, directly improving confidence.

When does tuition take place?

Tuition sessions are 60 or 80 minutes in length depending on the subject and run at the following times:

Monday - Friday: 15:30 - 19:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 12:00

Please contact us for specific subject times and availability.

What about an assessment before they start?

We always carry out an initial assessment prior to a child starting tuition. The initial assessment is a mixture of games and assessments linked to National Curriculum objectives for your child's age. The assessment will take no more than one hour and you will be provided with feedback outlining the teacher's findings and suggested next steps. This is a great opportunity to have a look at the kind of work we do and the type of support we can provide; better still there's no obligation to enrol after the initial assessment!

Initial assessments are £25.

What's the cost?

We charge £22 for a 60 minute English or Maths lesson and £26 for an 80 minute 11+ lesson. We provide an invoice at the beginnining of each term with various payment options.

Which subjects do you help with?

At the moment, we offer help with the subjects listed below. Click on one of the buttons to find out more about each subject area.

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